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Best Motivation Business AudiobooksThe Best Motivation Business Audiobooks can make entrepreneurs go to new heights!

A practical way to understand how to get rich and the correct use of money.

After listening to the following business audiobooks, they will empower you with all the hidden power that a true entrepreneur has.

Are you ready to start this great journey?

The following business audiobooks will make you change your way of seeing the world. Below we give you the best 8 motivation books for entrepreneurs.

Why use business audiobooks?

The obligations of the home, work, and other chores have filled our lives, therefore, time is now gold, sometimes you do not have the time to read.

The last time you have left is to rest, it is in this moment when we can make use of these great works in audio format so that you can listen to them at any free moment that you have made clear.

These other activities that you like (in the car, in the gym or on the way home, resting at the end of the day on your Direct bed from your smartphone.

Best Motivation Audiobooks 

1. The richest man in Babylon

It tells the story of Arkad, a scribe, and Algamish a rich and powerful man.

Thanks to the urgency of a job, Algamish agrees to reveal all the secrets of his fortune and success to the humble scribe.

A simple and intense short business audiobook. Due to its simplicity, it is suitable for people of all ages, but it is not for that reason exempt from wisdom.

Author: George S. Clason
Duration: 20 minutes.

2. The monk who sold his Ferrari

One of the best lawyers, famous for his “Wall Street Wolf” style parties leaves everything behind and decides to go to India in search of authentic wisdom. The book focuses on a fable.

Author: Robin S. Sharma
Duration: 2 hours.

3. Rich Dad, Poor Dad

Rock and Roll begin. This book will change the way you see money and the way you have to earn it.

Robert Kiyosaki performs an impeccable narrative exercise, involving the reader in a fun and entertaining story that will change your life.

The book was written in the 90s and is adapted to the context of that time, despite this fact is still the best book to awaken minds that have ever been written.

Author: Robert Kiyosaki
Duration: 3 hours with 26 minutes.

4. The 21 absolutely unbreakable laws of money

The author of this book was launched into the study of great fortunes and what was their common denominator, collecting data realized that luck has nothing to do in terms of success.

It reveals teachings to properly invest our money correctly and make the reader a person without fear of wealth. Suitable for all levels of knowledge.

Author: Brian Tracy
Duration 1 hour with 1 hour and 19 minutes.

5. The secrets of the millionaire mind

In this conference Harv Eker makes us break all the prejudices we have about money.

Our relationship with money depends exclusively on the beliefs that our environment has instilled throughout our lives.

If we are sure that to make money, we must sweat blood so that it will be. Simply indispensable in our road map to success.

Author: T. Harv Eker
Duration 1 hour with 46 minutes.

6. How to win friends and influence people

It is not a book of magic and hypnosis! This book helped Warren Buffet himself overcome his fear of public speaking.

Only because of this fact deserves to be included among the best.

Have you considered why popular people succeed and not those who collect academic degrees?

We all know someone who is always the center of attention in all meetings.

Is the goal of proposals and always achieves what is proposed; You’ll think it’s luck, but nothing is further from reality.

Author: Dale Carnegie
Duration: 1 hour with 51 minutes

7. The Art of Making Money

At this point, we must have enough knowledge to understand this gem. The author speaks with a nearby language about how we can make money work for us.

Borghino gives us advice on the daily economy and knows how to differentiate the opportunities that will make our heritage grow.

Why does a person with wealth buy Rolex? You will think that by simple ostentation, the answer will surprise you.

Author: Mario Borghino
Duration: 5 Hours.

8. The power of self-discipline: the key to success

This business audiobook will give you the keys on how to mark and achieve your goals.

It provides you with the necessary knowledge to organize yourself and above all not to postpone your dreams.

Remember that the best time to succeed is now.

Author: Brian Tracy
Duration: 4 hours with 35 minutes

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Make It a Habit 

Every time I hear someone tell me that they would like to read, but that they do not have time, I think it is not a question of time but priorities.

If you really want to develop the habit of reading, you will find the space to do it, and in case you are very busy and do not have time to read, it is more likely that if you have time to listen to audiobooks.

The invitation with this article is that you allow yourself to listen to the best advice, habits, and experiences of great characters in history through these business audiobooks in English.

During the days of your week and weekends, you have dead spaces that you can use to listen to an audiobook, a summary of a book, and even a podcast.

As you can tell, you have many alternatives, free options, paid or even under the subscription model.

So choose the business audiobooks in Spanish that you like and start investing in your knowledge.