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Power inverters are a necessity for truckers. Therefore, power inverters are especially useful for maintaining a stable power supply during emergency situations, so you can keep your mobile phone alive, recharge your laptop’s battery, or even power up medical equipment.

Why Trucks Need Power Inverters?

Although trucks often allow you to power or charge electronic equipment through the cigarette lighter or 12V adapter port, it never seems like there are enough places to plug in when you’re carpooling during the morning commute or on a road trip with the whole family.

In addition, charging your phone in the car (Source) may damage its battery or, at the very least, not work very well.

Power inverters convert a car’s low voltage direct current (DC) to alternating current (AC) (Source) — the kind of power you have at home when you plug into an outlet.

This allows you to safely use electronic equipment in your truck.

Best Power Inverters For Truckers


Here’s a list of the best power inverters for truckers 

Best Power Inverters For Cars & Trucks 

1. KRIËGER 1100-Watt 12V Power Inverter

This state-of-the art power inverter is just perfect for your car!

It features dual 110V AC outlets, a versatile car inverter installation kit, and is capable of providing automotive backup power supply for a wide range of electrical appliances – from blenders to vacuum cleaners, and even power tools!

The World’s Smallest 1100W Power Inverter

Labeled as the world’s smallest 1100W power inverter, the Krieger is powerful enough to keep alive and running a vast array of small appliances and electronical devices when they are most needed!

All Info At A Glance

Safely packed in a heavy-duty aluminum casing that’s durable enough to last for years, the Krieger provides all of the relevant info you may ever need on its LCD display, including output wattage, input voltage and battery level.

Extremely Safe

Using this device is extremely safe.

This inverter has all the protection levels that you will ever need – overload, overheating, short circuit – and all of these safety indicators are conveniently displayed on its LCD monitor.

Rigorously Tested

This item has been tested, validated and approved by METLAB in terms of its safety and performance.

MET-approved under UL std 458 and CSA std C22.2, this device will never let you down in case of emergency!

Absolutely Versatile

It’s ideal for keeping power tools charged up, or powering televisions while you are camping in nature.

Some people may say one does not need a TV when camping, but I know how addictive soap operas may be!

Plugging your portable TV into the KRIEGER is easy, thanks to the two standard AC 12V outlets on either of the dual USB charging ports that push out 2.1A, making it equally suitable for charging smartphones or tablets.

It’s backed by KRIEGER’s three-year warranty.


  • MET-approved
  • Safe
  • Versatile
  • Small & powerful


  • Unexpected shut-offs have been reported

2. Energizer 1500-Watt Power Inverter

The number two device on our list easily converts 12V DC from car’s battery to 120 Volt AC.


The two USB ports, 2.1A shared and compatible with iPad and iPhone standards, are perhaps this model’s coolest feature.

They are complemented with two AC outlets (North American standard).

Stable Power Output

The Energizer 1,500-watt power inverter boasts a peak power rating of 3,000 watts, which means it has more than enough power output to handle the power demand of an average household.

Power Everywhere

This heavy-duty power Inverter connects directly to a 12 Volt DC battery to power microwaves, power tools, televisions, gaming consoles, home electronics and small appliances in your recreation vehicle.

This unit is also equipped with an LCD display, which shows the output wattage or input voltage, as well as battery level.

With this inverter, you will never be left without power, whenever you may need it! This device never overheats thanks to its ultra-silent fan.

Remotely Controlled

The handy remote control included in the package allows users to power on and off the Energizer from a short distance.


  • iPad & iPhone compatible USB ports
  • Stable & reliable output
  • Remote control included in the package
  • Super silent fan


  • Issues with the cables have been reported

3. Ampeak 1000W Power Inverter

This highly efficient inverter converts 1000W continuous DC to AC power output and has got up to 2000W surge capacity.


As its rivals reviewed above, this model easily converts 12V DC battery power to standard 110V AC. Before using it for the first time, you are encouraged to confirm the rated power and the starting power of your electronic devices.

Designed For Versatility

This model features two AC outlets and a 2.1A USB port to deliver 1000W continuous power to your cell-phone, laptop, electric light, digital camera, your TV, power tools, microwave and even your breast pump!

Advanced Safety Features

If there is any problem with the smooth operation of this inverter, you will notice a massage about it on its smart digital display.

It’s equipped with a highly-efficient cooling fan against overheating, but in case such does occur, its clearly audible alarm will instantly go off!

This model also features a built-in 6 x 25A mini slip fuse to protect it against overvoltage, undervoltage, overload, short-circuit.   

As it has integrated the technology of ABS crashworthiness, this model boasts a robust, as well as effective electrical insulation.

Long Warranty

This model comes with ETL certification and year-and-a-half, hassle-free warranty. For your safety, please use this device in a well-ventilated and dry area. Ampeak’s 24-hour friendly customer service guarantees 100% customer satisfaction.


  • Advanced Safety Features
  • Versatile & reliable
  • Long warranty


  • The fan is quite loud

4. BESTEK 300W Power Inverter

BESTEK is one of the strongest and most well-known names in the power inverter industry, and their 300W product is a standout choice for buyers looking for a really compact device.


Perfect For Camping

The BESTEK model comes with two 110V AC outlets for charging electronics, and it has dual USB ports for charging smart devices.

The included two-foot cigarette adapter plug combines with the BESTEK’s compact size to fit into nearly any type of vehicle, making it a great choice to pack while camping, or on vacation.

Maximum Safety

The built-in 40-amp fuse and the integrated cooling fan help protect both your car and the plugged-in devices from overheating, overloading, or overcharging.

The strong metal casing ensures the BESTEK can handle a few drops or bumps.

For Best Results:

To guarantee the optimal performance of your device, we advise you to use battery clips when using the inverter with devices more powerful than 150W.

Also, this model is only suitable for DC12V and car use, and it must not be used on airplanes.

To guarantee its unproblematic operation, never leave the power inverter in the ON position when the engine of your car is off.

The cooling fan is working non-stop, meaning that you can only use the inverter when the car engine is working. This device is not to be used with high power electronic devices such as hair dryers, electric heaters, curling irons, etc.


  • Perfect for camping
  • Very safe
  • Strong metal casing


  • Not suitable for high power electronic devices

5. POTEK 1500W Power Inverter

The Potek 1500W DC to AC car power inverter converts 1500 watts continuous DC to AC power and can handle 3000 watts of peak power.



The dual AC outlets and Dual USB charging ports are just perfect for charging your TV, game player, laptop, lights, microwave, power tools, and other electronics.

Ultimate Protection

This power inverter has over-voltage, overload, over-current, under-voltage, overheating, short circuit protection.

The built-in cooling fan only starts working when temperature is over 104℉, and this model’s six internal fuses make it safer and ideal for use on the road, at campsites, remote job sites, or anywhere AC power is needed

What’s In The Box

  • 1x 1500W power inverter
  • 2x car battery cables
  • 1x user manual

2-Year Warranty

POTEK offer this product with 24-month full warranty, and their friendly customer service is ready to assist you, should you experience any technical issues with your inverter.


  • 2-year warranty
  • Six internal fuses
  • Versatile


  • This model is reported to be a bit noisy

Factors To Consider When Buying A Power Inverter For Your Car

If you are planning to buy a power inverter for your car, you should take into consideration the following factors:


For regular home users, buying a car inverter with maximum power limits below 200 Watts is completely sufficient.

As the vast majority of family cars have 12v power supply secure current, which is less than or equal to 20A, the maximum power of connected appliances must not exceed 230 Watts.

Some old cars have their secure current restricted to only 10A, in which case you don’t have to purchase a high capacity power inverter.

The power inverter models that connect directly to the car’s battery are best for some outdoor workers, or people who need to use some high-power electrical appliances or tools.

These car inverters can supply 500 Watts or even higher power that can drive some small motors, as well as some more powerful devices.


At present, there are two main types of car inverters on the market – pure sine wave inverters and quasi-sine wave inverters.

Whereas the pure sine wave inverters’ retail price is higher, ranging from 100 US dollars to thousands of dollars, their performance is excellent and, in most cases, the quality of the output power is even better than that of the regular AC grid power.

The quasi-sine wave, or modified sine wave inverters, are cheaper, as they belong to the class of square wave inverters.

In most cases, the stability of the output power can be guaranteed, so they are the most popular and cost-effective car power inverters on the market today.


There is a number of things to consider when installing an inverter, starting with where it should go and making sure there is adequate ventilation to allow heat to dissipate.

Best Power Inverters For Truckers

You have to be aware of wire sizing and the distance between the inverter and plug-ins which can be put in the sleeper, and the distance between the battery and the inverter.

If you are a truck driver, we recommend that you go with a factory-installed inverter. We really recommend either an OEM-installed device, when you purchase a new truck, or have the installation done by an authorized dealer.

A Device You Can Trust

If you are willing to pay a bit more, we advise you to choose an inverter that has a regulatory listed approval – such as UL or ETL, with UL458 rating.

This means the inverter has been inspected and approved by an independent agency, which safeguards against issues with electricity.

UL458 is the listing for inverters and chargers in mobile applications. They must meet strict vibration, environmental, and thermal requirements that the cheaper, non-UL458 devices do not.

Built-In Battery Charger

We strongly recommend that you go for models that have a built-in battery charger.

Thus, you can use shore power – electrical outlets at home or on the road at terminals, loading docks, or truck-stops.

When plugged in, you can run everything you’re running with your inverter for as long as you want, plus you can recharge and top off your batteries.

The more you can use shore power, the better, as it prolongs the life of your batteries.

Our Final Review

Power inverters – devices that convert standard battery (DC) power to AC household power – are becoming more commonplace these days.

Best Power Inverters For Truckers

Anyone who spends a lot of time on the road can benefit from some type of inverter.

These devices are especially useful on long road trips, for camping, people who travel for business, over-the-road truck drivers, and other similar applications.

Some of the most vital constraints to keep in mind whenever you use an inverter in your car include factors like the capacity of the car’s battery, rated output of the alternator, and output wattage of the inverter.

Having read our review, you can rest assured that you are now capable of choosing the best device for your specific needs!