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A refrigerator thermometer is a device that keeps track of the temperature inside your refrigerator (mostly used in Restaurant refrigerators)

The Refrigerator Thermometers provide accurately show the temperature in order to keep food at optional condition while saving energy. 

Best Refrigerator Thermometers For Restaurants

This can be useful for ensuring that your refrigerator is running at the correct temperature – if it is too warm or too cold, your food may spoil.

But, that’s not the only reason to buy one. Food-borne illness is an even bigger deal, as between 40 and 140 degrees Fahrenheit (60 degrees Celsius) bacteria can grow and make you sick. The FDA says it’s best to keep your fridge at or under 40 degrees Fahrenheit (Source).

Some thermometers sit inside your refrigerator and you are only able to see the temperature by opening the door – but opening the door can affect the temperature.

Others have out-of-the-fridge displays and minimum/maximum temperature readings.

In this guide, we will look at five top rated refrigerator thermometers available today.

Best Refrigerator Thermometers Reviewed 

1. Esnow Refrigerator Thermometer – Best Overall

The Esnow refrigerator thermometer is a wireless thermometer with 2 remote sensors.

Esnow Refrigerator Thermometer

The sensors are placed inside the refrigerator, while the control panel remains outside of the refrigerator.

The control panel includes a large display screen and has a retractable stand and hanger along with integrated magnets, allowing it to be mounted on the outside of the refrigerator, or on a flat work surface or table.

The display screen reports on the current temperature surrounding the screen itself, along with the temperature recorded by the 2 wireless sensors. Alongside each current temperature is a space showing the minimum and maximum temperatures over the last 24 hours, allowing you to keep an eye on the temperature of the refrigerator over a longer period of time.

All temperature displays are switchable between Fahrenheit and Celsius.

Three configurable alarms allow you to set minimum and maximum warning temperatures. An audible alarm will sound and lights will flash should the temperature go above or below the selected temperatures for more than a few minutes.

The wireless signal strength is good, having around 328ft coverage in open areas.


  • Easy to read display
  • Three separate temperature readings
  • Min/max over 24 hours
  • Alarms for extreme temperatures
  • Easy to install


  • Batteries need to be checked regularly to ensure accurate reporting

2. Unigear LCD Thermometer – Best Internal Digital Thermometer

The Unigear twin pack includes two digital refrigerator thermometers with large easy to read LCD displays.


This allows the user to make quick checks because of the clarity.

A limitation to this is that these thermometers are entirely internally mounted with no external display – however, the thermometers do record the minimum and maximum temperature inside the refrigerator, letting you check how the temperature has changed over time.

The display is switchable between Fahrenheit and Celsius, and includes a stand (for free-standing operation) and hook for hanging the thermometers inside the refrigerator. STAND AND HOOK FOR

The overall size of the thermometers is quite small, and so won’t occupy too much space in your refrigerator, but will provide an accurate snapshot of temperature conditions when you need to see it.

Temperature Range: 4F – 122F (-20C to 50C)


  • Easy to read display
  • Min/max recording
  • Switchable between Fahrenheit and Celsius
  • Water resistant


  • Batteries need to be checked regularly to ensure accurate reporting
  • Refrigerator door needs to be opened to check readings
  • No alarms

3. SensorPush Wireless Thermometer – Best Smartphone Thermometer

The SensorPush HT1 Humidity and Temperature Smart Sensor is something entirely different.


A small blue and green box is placed inside your refrigerator, and connects to you smartphone via Bluetooth.

An app is used to show the temperature conditions over a period of time (up to 20 days) with samples recorded every minute, and can export the data in a number of formats should you wish to use it in a spreadsheet.

With the addition of the SensorPush G1 WiFi Gateway, the thermometer can be remotely accessed via the internet, allowing you to check the temperature wherever you are.

An alert on your smartphone will let you know of any problems with the temperature, and highs, lows, and average temperatures are constantly recorded. Indicators in the app show how temperature is currently changing, eg rising or falling.

The sensor can be monitored by multiple users, so family members can also use their own smartphone and app to keep track of the temperature. Should more than one sensor be in use, each smartphone can monitor multiple devices, so multi-sensor multi-user set-ups are possible.

Temperature Range:  -40F to 140F (-40C to 60C)


  • Simple set up
  • Min/max recording
  • Switchable between Fahrenheit and Celsius
  • Bluetooth/internet enabled


  • Need to use an app to see temperatures – no display on the actual device

4. Taylor Classic Large Dial – Best Analog Refrigerator Thermometer

Basic, straightforward, and simple, the Taylor Classic Large Dial thermometer looks like many traditional refrigerator thermometers.


Featuring a large 3.25” dial, the temperature is easily readable with blue, white, and red zones indicating different temperature zones. The dial is covered with a glass lens and the red pointer is thin enough to make accurate readings.

As it can measure temperatures down to -20F, it is also suitable for use in a freezer.

The case of the thermometer is made of stainless steel for strength and corrosion resistance. The bottom of the case is a flattened foot, allowing the thermometer to be placed on a flat surface, while the top of the case is formed into a hook, allowing it to be hung from a shelf.

Temperature Range:  -20F to 80F (-7C to 27C)


  • Easy to read
  • Strong and tough
  • Readings can be made in Fahrenheit or Celsius


  • No min/max recording
  • No alerts or alarms
  • Can only be viewed with refrigerator door open

5. ETHMEAS LCD Thermometer – Best Wired Probe Refrigerator Thermometer

The Ethmeas LCD thermometer includes a control panel with a large LCD screen that is placed outside the refrigerator, with a wired temperature-sensing probe that is placed inside the refrigerator.


This makes the screen convenient to read while giving accurate closed-door measurements.

The probe wire is approximately 6 feet long, meaning that the control panel must be placed close to the refrigerator. A magnet is included to allowing mounting on the door of the refrigerator. While the probe is waterproof, the control panel itself is not.

User-configured high and low temperature alarms can be configured, alerting the user to any problem with the internal refrigerator temperature.

Minimum and maximum temperatures are recorded and displayed alongside the current temperature on the LCD screen. The min/max recording is constant, and is reset at the press of a button. This allows the user to monitor the high and low temperatures over a period of their choosing, not limiting the readings to 24 hours for example.

The thermometer is switchable between Fahrenheit and Celsius.

Temperature Range: -58F – 158F (-50C to 70C)


  • Easy to read display
  • Min/max over any period of time
  • Alarms for extreme temperatures
  • Easy to install
  • Can record temperatures with refrigerator door closed


  • Batteries need to be checked regularly to ensure accurate reporting
  • Probe wire length restricts placement of control panel

What You Need To Know Before Buying a Refrigerator Thermometer

Inside your refrigerator you’ll usually find a temperature dial. This dial is often numbered between 1 and 5, representing a scale of temperature.

Unfortunately, not all of these dials work in the same way, and the numbers don’t correspond to any temperature in Fahrenheit or Celsius!

The only way to accurately measure the temperature inside your refrigerator is by using a thermometer.

Types of Thermometer

Thermometers were originally made from a glass bulb containing a liquid that expanded in response to temperature.

A tube would be connected to the end, and you could see how warm a place was by seeing how far the liquid progressed up the tube.

This kind of thermometer was common in years past – you may even still have one in your first aid kit.

The original thermometers were filled with mercury, a metal that is liquid at room temperature, and also toxic – modern thermometers are filled with a much safer liquid.

The problem with this kind of thermometer is that they can be difficult to read accurately. The tube is normally either mounted on a backboard with measurements on or the measurements are marked directly on the tube.

Because of the distance between the tube and the backboard, or between the outside and inside of the tube, two people can get entirely different readings from the same thermometer.

Fortunately, other types now exist. Thermometers with faces similar to a clock with a needle to show the temperature are common in refrigerators, and in more recent times fully digital readings have become the norm.

Why Refrigerator Temperature is Important

A refrigerator is designed to keep food fresher for longer. This works by keeping the temperature controlled, making it difficult for bacteria, viruses, and other potential problems to occur.

Cooler temperatures slow down the aging and decomposition process for dairy, fruits, meat, and other food produce.

Too warm, and the process speeds up, meaning the food spoils and has the potential to cause an illness.

Too cold, and the molecular structure of the food may change – think of water turning to ice – making it unpalatable to eat.

Keeping the temperature just right is important for the health of you and your family, as well as making sure your food tastes great too.

Different Ways of Measuring

Along with different styles of thermometer, the way a thermometer measures the temperature can vary.

Refrigerator Temperature

Some thermometers are placed directly inside the refrigerator, and the door must be opened in order to see the reading.

Others include wired probes that are placed inside the refrigerator, while the display remains outside. Others still have wireless probes.

What is Recorded

The temperature on the display of even the best refrigerator thermometer will show the current temperature.

On digital thermometers, options are available to record a range of temperatures, including the highest and lowest temperature since the thermometer was last reset.

Warnings and Alarms

As your refrigerator has a set range of temperatures that it should maintain, the whole point of using a thermometer is to ensure that it does indeed stay within these parameters.

Some thermometers include audible alarms to alert the user when the refrigerator is approaching the limits – or exceeding them.

This is a useful feature, as should you need to know the exact moment this occurs, you don’t need to sit in front of the display and watch it.

Mounting the Thermometer

For convenience, many internally mounted thermometers include hooks in order to hang them from shelves within the refrigerator.

Refrigerator Temperature

External thermometers may have stands, hooks, sticky pads, or even be magnetic to attach to the refrigerator door.

Internet Connections

A new breed of thermometer is currently entering the market, connecting direct to the internet or to a smart home device.

These thermometers can include apps that report on current temperature conditions, and alert the user wherever they are that there may be problems with the temperature inside the refrigerator.

Our Final Take

With a good combination of features, an easy to read display with historic minimum and maximum values, and an alarm to warn of extreme temperatures, the Esnow thermometer is overall the best refrigerator thermometer.

Best Refrigerator Thermometers For Restaurants

The SensorPush Wireless Thermometer with its app connectivity is certainly an intriguing product, allowing you to monitor the temperature from anywhere in the world via an internet connection.

It might seem pointless to check the temperature while you’re in a different country, but it would also be of benefit if you were in the office and needed to contact someone closer to home to resolve the problem.

And of course, no list of refrigerator thermometers would be complete without a classic analog thermometer with a dial.

What type of refrigerator thermometer would be most useful to you? Comment below!