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The best Warehouse Management Software will reduce payroll costs, streamline order fulfilments and reduce the mountains of paper logs!

A warehouse can range in size to an incredible extent and if it’s not constantly fluctuating with products and sales.

Then you either have a problem with your management or sales; more than likely, it’s your management software.

Warehouse Management Software

POS, B2B, freight forwarding and all facets of warehouses need proper management. That’s why finding the best warehouse management software is crucial for saving you headaches, time, and money.

1. Warehouse Management Software:NetSuite

NetSuite is a highly rated all-in-one platform that offers functionality beyond what most people expect in their warehouse management software.


This integrated suite offers flexibility in financial management, inventory, fixed assets and much more among a user-friendly dashboard.

Best Warehouse Management Software


NetSuite’s pricing depends on the overall product configuration, what is added on, the total user count and how long the software is needed. For the size and customization ability for this platform.

NetSuite is a reasonable price and allows for plenty of add-on options as well as subscription options based on user count and other factors. Advanced NetSuite features will cost extra based on the subscription model, however.

The Features

NetSuite comes backed with plenty of features to make it a true winner. Customizable dashboards, self-service portals for B2B and B2C collaboration, a customizable SaaS platform.

That allows for more customization options in the software itself than any other product available in its field, integrated FedEx and UPS Online shipping tools and functionality.

It also includes customizable reports that offer analytics and insight into key performance indicators, lead management via seamless CRM, incentive compensation via sales force visibility.

Impressive email marketing and campaign management, time tracking that is very user-friendly and well-integrated and in-depth sales forecasting software and services.

Customer Service

NetSuite has three forms of customer service plans as well as a hotline and on-line support cases that are handled from 8:00 AM from 6:00 PM in your local time zone.

Monday through Friday, excluding holidays. The kinds of customer service options varies per support plan, as you can see below:


NetSuite is one of the most dynamic platforms available to businesses worldwide and can integrate with numerous add-ons, apps, and sites in a multitude of ways.


The amount of integration options for NetSuite is actually so high and massive that there are professional services out there that can help you integrate Google Apps.

Mobile apps, other programs, other businesses and numerous other options with NetSuite. This is a large part of why it made our number one pick on this list.


NetSuite is a fantastic option for businesses of any size. Its flexibility, customization, and level of service and dynamic integration options make it one of the best cloud-based.

ERP options world-wide that can handle a multitude of business tasks. In short, it is your best bet for excellent warehouse management software.

Lead Commerce

Lead Commerce is another full management suite that offers quite a bit of functionality and customization options for companies.

Though Lead Commerce is better for companies that have products that range either in the hundreds or the thousands – this is why NetSuite made our top pick.

Lead Commerce

Lead Commerce allows companies to manage SKUs, entire warehouses, purchase orders, vendors and order fulfillment as well as other functions.

It allows for a small number of users to hundreds. Like NetSuite, it is also flexible in that it is cloud-based. You can read up more on this excellent platform by visiting their site here:


Pricing varies by add-ons, features, users and admins, as referenced below

The Features

While Lead Commerce is not as expansive in features as NetSuite, it does come with plenty of features that make it wonderful to work with. These can include barcoding / RFID availability, cost tracking and special analytics with traceability.

Custom pricing models available for users to make use of, inventory forecasting, optimization, and specialized management, kitting, multi-location accessibility including web access and serialized inventory tracking.

Customer Service

Lead Commerce comes with built-in support plans when you subscribe to one of their standard pricing plans. This includes: hosting, setup, email support and software updates for any kind of pricing plan.

For any other kinds of support needs, the Lead Commerce support team is available Monday through Friday from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM PST.


Lead Commerce doesn’t have the extreme level of integration capability that NetSuite does but still offers more than enough in the way of its own integrations.

These include: the Amazon Connector, eBay Connector, BigCommerce Connector, Shopify Connector, WooCommerce Connector, Magento Connector, SPS Connector, and custom connectors.

Lead Commerce

You can contact the Lead Commerce team to see about getting a new connector made available for your company and users.

Again, Lead Commerce is a great platform suite for companies with products that range in the hundreds to the thousands when it comes to inventory.

Massive companies might need to look more towards our number one pick but Lead Commerce is easily accessible, user-friendly and diverse in all the functions it can handle.

It is definitely worth a look on the search for the best warehouse management software for your company and yourself.


Lead Commerce is a platform that will work for numerous companies, without question. While it has its drawbacks, it is still a highly-rated and beloved software platform that will allow companies to efficiently manage their warehouses.

In ways they might never have gotten to beforehand. Lead Commerce is, no doubt, an excellent platform. It is diverse and has plenty of functionality that could serve businesses worldwide without an issue.

The downside to Lead Commerce is that it simply is nowhere near as dynamic or expansive as NetSuite and does not seem to be able to handle companies that rise past a certain level of stock.

Regardless, it is easy to use, easy to integrate and a solution that will work for businesses who need something that can handle the task at hand without needing the level of integration or options that NetSuite offers.


2.Cin7 Warehouse / Shipping Software

Cin7 is a particularly good inventory management software solution that is aimed at smaller or midsize retail and wholesale businesses.

It features inventory management, point-of-sale, warehouse management (which is why you’re here, of course) and fairly fluid reporting, all within one suite and platform.


It also comes with its own series of integrations that allow it to take on more roles, such as its e-commerce integration that allows users to display pricing for products based on real-time landing prices of the stock.

Real-time inventory tracking is a huge plus and makes keeping up with the hustle and bustle of retail, and business in general, a lot easier. However, like Lead Commerce, it is not built for massive corporations or businesses.

Cin7 is aimed for establishments with more reasonable levels of merchandise than your standard Amazon or Walmart might have, for example. Regardless, it is a highly-rated platform and with its many features and functions, it is not hard to see why.


Pricing varies by add-ons, features, users and admins, as referenced below:

You can no doubt see that Cin7 has pricier subscription plans than NetSuite and Lead Commerce in many regards.

However, with its high-ratings from users across the board as well as personal experience with the platform, it can be confirmed as very easy to use, setup and is stellar for most kinds of work needed.

While it does offer custom options for bigger businesses beyond what its aim is, we might recommend sticking with NetSuite if you have an enormous inventory that needs management versus having a custom solution built for you.

The Features

Cin7 has plenty of features that make it a viable warehouse management software platform. These include scalable 3PL integration that allows for low-risk global expansion.

EDI ordering and connections that allow you to sell directly to larger businesses and maintain a professional relationship with them from one piece of software, large scale, single point reporting.

Integrated B2B ecommerce market, and dynamic point-of-sale software capabilities. There is more than enough to make it feature-rich.

Customer Service

Cin7 offers customer service options on different levels per your subscription or pricing plan. For all plans, you get basic email support. There is also a help line you can call within your respective region.

For a better look at what is included per pricing plan in terms of support, please reference the table below:


Cin7 has an immense amount of integrations and add-ons available, many of which are readily available upon setup.


There are some that are still in beta or in the planning phases of being rolled out, but it is clear thatCin7 is a constantly changing platform that is adapting to its user’s needs the longer it remains in the field.

Some popular integration options include: Xero, QB, Authorize.net, SP Express, Capsule, National Products Fulfillment, Joor, Mondiale, Linfox.

WooCommerce, Gefco, Google Drive, Rhenus Logistics, Netco, Payment Express, MailChimp, DCL, PC-EFTPOS, Mainfreight, Shipwire, NRI, 3PLCenter, ShipStation, and Bergen Logistics.

The list goes on for a good few pages, all things considered. The point stands: if you need an add-on or specific function for your business, Cin 7 is more than likely to have an integration or add-on option to suit your needs.


Cin7 might not be the best warehouse management software for enormous companies or companies in certain business sectors, given its design, but the level of diversity and options does make it a strong competitor to the other platforms.

On this list, especially in terms of add-ons and customization. Overall, it is a great piece of software that helps thousands of companies worldwide work more efficiently and keep tabs on their inventory in a spectacular fashion.

It is definitely worth a venture if you don’t mind the expense. Cin7 is plentiful in all that it offers. Its main drawback is how expensive it can become, especially when it comes to how many users are actually making use of it.

One person costing nearly $250 per month might not sound like much to a business owner but the costs can quickly add up the more people need access and to use Cin7.

Regardless, it is a brilliant piece of cloud-based software that has numerous integration and add-on options to enjoy.

3. Acctivate – Complete ERP Software

Acctivate is an ERP system that is aimed at smaller to midsize corporations, much like Cin7 and Lead Commerce.

It integrates quite nicely with Quickbooks, has a scalable system with a robust offering of integration options.


Add-ons, and base features and can help manage: purchasing, inventory control, warehousing, sales, marketing, shipping, and customer service alike.

Acctivate also has custom-tailored setups for certain industries that include automotive parts, food and beverage, apparel, medical equipment and industrial supplies.

This makes it a bit more specialized in a lot of ways and some believe it to be functional on a smaller level than the other software offerings on the list.

Regardless, it holds high regard from its users and people that have interacted with it and is well worth a look.


Acctivate does not have pricing information online. It is best to contact them directly for a quote.

The Features

Despite its size capabilities, Acctivate is another platform that is feature rich. These include SKU / UPC codes, drop-shipping, electronic requisitions, item management, for medical industry specifications.


Custom pricing models, for bookstores specification, kitting, barcode scanning ,bills of material, business activity monitoring, inventory control, optimization.

Forecasting  and replenishment, collections, traceability, data warehousing, wholesale distribution, allocation and for grocery stores specification.

The list goes on for features of Acctivate but we’ll keep it shortened for the sake of brevity. It is scalable and set to work with varying sizes, industries and features without encompassing a lot of space or computer resources.

Customer Service

Acctivate has an online site dedicated to help requests when needed. This site allows users to download updates, submit support requests and access remote support to allow one of their technicians to assist you remotely.

You can also contact them directly via phone if you are an Acctivate customer or email them.


Acctivate might not have the depth that Cin7 or NetSuite have when it comes to integration features or add-ons, but it does integrate with at least five percent of the most popular apps available at present.

These include: BigCommerce, Bitium, Dropbox, G Suite, Google Calendar, Google Drive, Magento, MailChimp, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Outlook, PayPal, Quickbooks and Quickbooks Online.

Salesforce Sales Cloud, Shopify, Stripe, WooCommerce, Workato, Xero, and Zapier. Again, the list goes on. It is still pretty expansive for a piece of specialized software and makes working with it that much easier for companies on a broader spectrum.


Acctivate might be smaller and on the more specialized side of warehouse management software, but it is built to integrate with plenty of popular apps and be user-friendly.

While pricing plans aren’t readily available without contacting them, which can set you up for the hard sales tactic, it is still a highly-rated platform that is used worldwide by businesses both big and small.

Acctivate is definitely worth a look if you are in a specialized or smaller to midsize business. Acctivate is a dynamic platform that offers plenty of integration options – not as much as Cin7 or NetSuite, mind, but still a plentiful amount.

While it is hard to gauge the price values without directly contacting the sales team at Acctivate, which is a bit of a downer.

Its great reviews show that it has proven favorable for a lot of places of business. Specialized, Quickbooks friendly and user-friendly is all a huge plus in our books.

Overall Verdict on the Best Warehouse Management Software

NetSuite takes the cake in these four choices due to its amazing broadness and integration capability. Its pricing is reasonable and it can handle giant companies just as well as it can small ones.

Warehouse Management Software

Cin7, Lead Commerce and Acctivate are more limited in their pricing, integration options and size capabilities overall.

NetSuite is among the most highly rated among its kind and can help numerous facets of your business unlike any other program; that is why it is our top pick.

And there you have it. Managing a warehouse is never an easy task, especially when your stock outweighs your resources.

It is our hope that this article helps you find the best warehouse management software for your needs so that you can experience the efficiency, saved time and saved money that thousands of other businesses have experienced worldwide.

Tune in for our other articles that are all about software and how it can help you succeed.