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Best Youtube CamerasThe best youtube camera will have high resolution, large display screen and yet be affordable.

In this post, we will review the best cameras for professional YouTubers.

First, lets review what are the characteristics that you should look for when buying a professional youtube camera.

Buyers Guide: What To Look For?

It can be daunting to narrow down what you should be looking for in a camera. Here are five different items to focus on when deciding on a camera:


Cameras can range in price from a couple hundred dollars to thousands. However, the price does not always reflect the quality.

There are some cameras that are more expensive, but might not be the best fit for you videos. For the first step though, decide on a budget for buying the camera and stick to it.

Your Content-Type

Decide which type of content you will produce. Different cameras have different types of light adjustments, sound quality, and stability.

These may not seem like a big concern, but you will not want to overlook them when buying a camera.


This is the quality of your shot. You seen the videos that are blurry and are to watch because you are not able to figure out what is happening in the shot. Avoid that mistake by investing in a camera that has great resolution.

Display Screen

After recording your shot, there will be times when you want to review it quickly before moving onto the next scene.

Instead of having to download the video onto your computer and play it, you will want to watch it on the display screen. The bigger the screen, the better your will be able to see the shot.

Furthermore, there are some display screens that rotate, giving you the ability to watch what you are recording in the moment. This will be a great addition for your camera.


Sound not only comes from your camera, but also a microphone that you choose. You will need to get a camera that has the ability to hear you (depending on your content type) from a farther distance and block out unnecessary noises that might hinder your listener from enjoying your content.

Each of these characteristics mentioned above will be very important to focus on when deciding to buy a camera.

There are quality cameras that will have most of the features mentioned, but there is somewhat of a “give and take” mentality.

Why Get A Youtube Camera?

Will you be able to decide which will be serving your viewers?YouTube videos have exploded in popularity over the last few years and it a great way to show viewers your creative skills.

Whether you are creating action-packed videos or blogging in your bedroom, there is an audience for everyone.

What type of camera do you want? Does it need a display screen? How good does the resolution need to be? Does price reflect quality? And the list of questions builds.

Every YouTuber is different and desires different characteristics and qualities with their camera. However, there are a core set of requirements that each YouTuber looks for and needs to produce top quality content.

By choosing a camera that is in the right price range, fits your content type, has a clear resolution, has a display screen, and collects good sound, you will be able to launch your business with successful and high-quality videos.

Types of Cameras 

There are multiple types of cameras that provide different strengths and weaknesses, depending on your content type.

Each type has different price tags, resolutions, and facets. Below are 5 different types of cameras to consider when starting a YouTube business:

DSLR Camera 

These will be the most versatile. If you will be producing different types of content and/or not sure where your business will go, this would be a good camera to invest in.

One thing to note is that, if you are wanting/needing a lens to go with your camera, most DSLR’s are sold just with the body, not the lens.

Mirrorless Camera

While these are more expensive, they are the up and comers in the camera category. They are highly versatile and provide great quality shots, like the DSLR.

They are quickly gaining ground in the video business, but their price is currently the main reason people choose the DSLR.

Sports and Action Camera

Somewhat self-explanatory, but these are for the people who are mountain biking, snowboarding, or doing any other action shot.

Think GoPro when you come to this category. Like DSLR’s, you will need to buy some accessories if you plan to use this camera, such as a chest strap or other types of methods for securing it.


These will be your basic camera that you use for home videos.
Most likely, you will not want to use them if you are looking to start a YouTube business.

But, if you are on a tight budget, this could be a good spot for you to start.

Point and Shoot Camera

These provide another great option for versatility, similar to the DSLR. The difference will be if you plan to travel a lot and do not want to carry the extra weight that the DSLR comes with.

While DSLR and Sports and Action cameras will most likely need accessories up front, it is important to keep in mind that all the above cameras will require some extra investment.

Whether you are vlogging or recording comical clips, a tripod, camera bag, and other relevant add-ons might need to be purchased.

Best Youtube Cameras

Canon 70DBest Camera for YouTube

This is the choice camera across most YouTubers, mainly due to the flexibility and quality that is produces.

While it will cost you a little more ($900), the work that it will produce will pay off in the long term.

A few more highlights about this camera are:

  • DSLR camera type, resulting in versatility and quality work
  • 1080p at 30vfps, giving you a clear picture every time
  • 3” articulating LCD screen, allowing you to playback your recordings
  • Amazing auto-focus system
  • Extremely long battery, allowing you to do plenty of recording before needing a recharge

This camera is also used by two of the top YouTubers in the business. Casey Niestat and Zoella, who both have multiple millions of subscribers have used this camera in order to produce their videos that bring in hundreds of millions of views.

Although it requires more of an upfront cost, if you plan on building a YouTube business that produces quality videos, this camera will be a great fit for you.

The only type of business that this camera would not necessarily work for would be action and sports videos, but besides that, this camera provides the flexibility needed to perform at the top.

 GoPro Hero 7 Black – For Fast Faced Youtube Vidoes

If the DSLR is not the type of camera that you are looking for because you are needing a lighter, more durable camera that you can take on adventures, this section is for you.

You have decided that vlogging is not for you. You test the human limits, push the boundaries of action sports, and now it is time to document those crazy adventures.

The main differences that you will be looking for in cameras will be in the size, durability, and waterproof.

While these may seem like small details that can be overlook, it will cost you more in the long-term for needing to replace all the parts when you end up being rough on your camera.

The GoPro Hero 7 Black is a smaller camera that GoPro produces. This camera is fully waterproof, has a 4k resolution, and small display screen.

On top of that, its display screen is touchscreen, allowing for a quick playback option and an app that allows you to use it as a remote.

The downside to this camera is that it do not come with accessories. If you can put up the initial investment for the camera.

You will have to save money to get a few accessories like a backpack mount, dog harness, or light attachment.

Sony Alpha A6000Best Mirrorless Camera

This camera has a top of the line image stabilizer that benefits multiple types of YouTubers.

It also boasts of being smaller than most DSLR cameras, which will benefit all YouTubers who will be traveling a lot to film their videos.

The biggest advantage of this camera is that you can use different lenses from different brands and cameras. This will be a big plus for you if you already own a high quality lens, but want a stronger camera.

The major negative to this camera is the price tag.

If you can overlook the price tag, Sony’s camera claims the prize for the best mirrorless camera.

The quality, versatility, and size capture the hearts of vloggers and YouTubers alike.

Panasonic LumixMost Affordable Camera for YouTube

If you are wanting to dabble in YouTubing, or do not want to make a large investment in a camera up front.

This section will allow you experience the YouTube world while not breaking the bank.

Panasonic has developed the Lumix with YouTubers in mind. With a high quality resolution (30p 4K Ultra HD), you will be able to capture top quality videos.

The best part about this camera is that it has superior light capture with large, multi-aspect micro four thirds sensor. For vloggers who want true quality production, this camera will be a great fit for you.

Canon Powershot G7XBest Point and Shoot Camera

Canon wins for the best point and shoot category.

These cameras are a strong contender for being some of the smallest cameras and usually have a relatively affordable price tag to go along with it.

With a 1080p at 60fps, and a strong autofocus system, this camera has the essentials to make high quality videos that can generate a following on YouTube.

It also is accompanied with a 3” pivoting display screen, allowing for top playback in the moment.

Lastly, this Canon creates a slam dunk with revealing this camera, including all its features, with an affordable.

Choosing a Microphone to Go With the Camera

Depending on the type of content and camera you choose, getting a solid mic is just about as important as choosing a quality camera. So here are a few things to consider when buying a mic:

  • Lapel: Lapel mics are the types of mics that clip onto a shirt for interviews or in pranks when they person does not want the mic to be noticed as much. These have their pros in that they are great for talking to people, but would not be as good for sitting at a desk and recording yourself talking into the camera.
  • Shotgun: Shotgun mics are normally used for outdoor skits or recordings. Being attached to the camera, they are able to pick up additional noises that might happen in other directions, but specifically target the person’s voice.
  • Condenser: Condenser mics are used for vloggers who record in their house or at a desk. This allows the mic to get the best quality with minimal outdoor noises to cancel out.

Our Final Review for Best Cameras for YouTube

In summary, there are high quality cameras in each category. Whatever type of camera you are looking for.

It is important to establish your credentials for the camera and answer questions around durability, price, sound, resolution, and display screen.

YouTube businesses require top content, but if you have the content and not a good camera or sound to record it on, it will be difficult to fully establish a following.

Do not make the mistake of cutting corners on a camera. Do your research and decide how much of a commitment you want to make to this business. Once you have answered all these questions, then the right camera will surface for you.

What’s important for you when it comes to a camera for YouTube? Share with us in the comments!