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For businesses, having the right floor cleaning machine can reduce labor hours paid to cleaners. Below, is our detailed buyers guide of the best floor cleaning machines for a cleaning business.

Choosing a good commercial floor cleaning machine will depend on the intended use and available budget.

In this, we’ll name the top 10 floor cleaning machines out there, and also a buyer’s guide to floor cleaning machines so you can figure out which one you need based on your space, and also what cleaner will do the job.


How Much Do Floor Cleaning Machines Cost? 

This honestly depends on what type of cleaner you’re getting. If you’re getting a floor scrubber, this can cost a couple thousand dollars.

A vacuum can be up to a couple hundred. Lots of people think that you should have the most expensive floor scrubber, but the truth is, if your place doesn’t require something big and something that handles those deep stains, you don’t need it.

There is a chance you can actually get these refurbished or used as well. Some companies allow you to buy it, and lots of times, they are cheaper. Some of these companies also allow you to have a warranty, where they will cover labor and parts for up to 60 days after purchase. 

Best Floor Cleaning Machines

On average, you’ll be spending anywhere from less than 500 dollars, to upwards of 10 grand for a floor cleaning machine. You have to just look at each of the different models, and figure out what type you’re going to get.

Remember, the more expensive ones typically handle deeper levels of dirt, so if you’re going to be doing a full overhaul of your space, cleaning it out completely and gutting it, chances are, you’ll want to consider the options you have.

Top 10 Floor Cleaning Machines 

Name of product Price Type of cleaner Corded or Cordless
Power-Flite PAS17BA-BC Predator Battery Powered Automatic Scrubber $2899 Floor Scrubber Cordless
BISSEL Spinwave Powered Hardwood Floor Mop $99.99 Floor Mop Corded
Homitt Power Spin Scrubber Machine $99.99 Floor Mop and spin scrubber Cordless
SharkDuo rocket Corded Ultralight Vacuum $173 Vacuum, Hard floor scrubber, Removable Vacuum Corded
Global Automatic Floor Cleaning Machine $3590 Floor Scrubber Cordless
Shark sonic duo Carpet and Hardwood floor cleaner $249.99 Carpet and Hardwood floor cleaner Corded
Costway Electric Spin Mop $95.99 Spin Mop Cordless
BISSEL Powerfresh Steam Mop $78.26 Steam Mop Corded
CleanMate CM3 floor cleaner $139.99 Robot Vacuum and Hardwood floor cleaner Cordless
Tornado EZ floor scrubber $7480 Floor scrubber Cordless

1. Power-Flite PAS17BA-BC Predator – Battery Powered Automatic Scrubber 

Capacity: 10,000 SQFT per hour 

This is our first pick, but it’s really good for larger spaces. It can hold a lot of cleaning solution, about 12 gallons, and has a 200 RPM speed.

The scrubbing pathway is 17 inches, making it the most effective for large and small areas, and you can get the most out of this without having to worry about extension cords or a power source.

It’s also not that heavy, so it’s great if you need to bring this to places that need a power scrubber, and with an easy control pad, it handles the cleaning aspects that you need like a charm This one is probably the best, and it’s on the lower end of prices for one of those major walk-behind scrubbing machines. 


  • Works well with large surface areas 
  • Doesn’t need power source 
  • Lightweight 


  • Has a hefty price tag despite being on the lower end 
  • May not be ideal for small spaces

2. BISSEL Spin Wave Powered Hardwood Floor Mop 

Total to clean in an hour: 3500-4500 square feet.

This is a good one that is helpful for those smaller spaces, and it is also bagless. You also won’t need to refill every few minutes, since it’s got a 28 oz, water tank.

The on-demand spray also allows you to control the detergent amount that it sprays, so if you want a clean that’s deeper, you can always spray more. 

This is a good one that includes both scrubby and touch pads, and it’s super easy to carry, so if you’re working with multiple floors, this won’t be a problem, and it’s got swivel steering, and it’s good for those tougher spaces.

I like this one because it’s good for those hard-to-reach places, but one downside is that it’s nowhere near as powerful as the first one, so if you’re working with hard, industrial floors, this may not be ideal. But for the price that it is, it’s worth checking out. 


  • Good for tough spaces 
  • Has a way to control detergent 
  • A big tank 
  • Has swivel steering for hard to reach places 


  • Not good for industrial floors 
  • Not ideal if you’re scrubbing larger spaces 

3. Homitt Power Spin Scrubber Machine 

Total cleaning per hour: 2000 square feet

If you want something that’s more on the budget end, then this is a good one. It is a hand powered one, and it is cordless, so if you’re trying to get into those hard-to-reach spaces, this is a great option.

It’s got a super powerful spin system that can go up to 280 RPM on it, and it can get deeper into the spaces. 

With 5 hours of charging, ti can clean for more than 60 minutes, which isn’t bad. It does have a very long reach to it, about 57 inches if you want it, and the shortest it goes is 51 inches.

It comes with three types of replaceable brush heads, including a flat brush heads for flatter floors, a big round brush head for irregular areas, and a corner brush head for floor gaps. It can also have a water pipe included, bringing water to it.

It also will tell you when it needs to be charged.


  • Long reach 
  • Very powerful spin system 
  • Different brush heads for cleaning 
  • Cleans most surfaces well 


  • Only works for an hour before charging 

4. Shark Duo Clean rocket Corded UltraLight Vaccuum 

Total square feet per hour:  3000-3500 square feet. 

This is another floor cleaning machine, but it’s better for hardwood floors and carpets. The multitool on this can tackle the pet hair on the surfaces.

Typically, it comes with a multitool, a duster crevice tool, and also a wall mount that are included it’s got a very powerful mode for the troublesome dirt, and a softer mode, and it can easily convert into a vacuum. 

You can get dirt that’s small, large, or even stuck on, and it comes with powerful LED lights, and a floor nozzle too.

It’s a pretty strong machine, and it also only weighs about 15 pounds, and doesn’t require a bag.

You can get about five rooms without too much of an issue, but if you’re trying to get bigger spaces, this one can be a bit of a problem.

But, for those looking to have a good floor cleaning machine, this is definitely a great option. 


  • Has powerful multitool 
  • Really good for getting dirt 
  • Only weighs 15 pounds
  • no bag needed 


  • Not good for super huge spaces 

5. Global Automatic Floor Cleaning Machine 

Total square feet per hour: 21,000 square feet. 

Again, this is another great walk-behind floor scrubber, and it has a 20 inch cleaning path that you can take anywhere.

You can get up to 21,000 square feet of hard floors within an hour, and the large tanks require you to not have to fill them up as much, so if you’re trying to save time, this is one of the best.

The exterior parts of this is touch, and it resists the corrosion, along with the dents, and it also has a squeegee assembly that’s rugged and lasts a long time.

This one is great if you’re working with a large surface area, and it can justify the 3000-dollar price tag that this has. 


  • Is walk-behind 
  • Large tank 
  • Resists damage and corrosion 


  • Expensive, but is a large floor scrubber 

6. Shark Sonic Duo 

Total square feet an hour: 5000-6000 

This is another great one for both hardwood floors, or even carpets, and it’s super useful for pretty much any type of floor, including those with area rugs.

The system is useful for those who want consistent performance, since it is electric, so no matter what you’re getting, you’ll have it cleaned up.

 It also comes with the cleaning solution, cloths, and scrubbers that you need.

It does have two powerful scrubbing modes, with a harder mode for those stuck on dirt, and the softer option for kids and pets.

The gentler cycle allows for you to get deeper debris and you’ll be able to handle the cycles better.

When dried up, you’ll have cleaner floors in no time.

It can do about 1000 scrubs a minute, and it’s simple, easy for use, and it makes it a breeze to get beautiful floors, no matter how busy you may be. 


  • Good for pretty much any floor 
  • Has powerful scrubbing modes 
  • Can get 1000 scrubs a minute 


  • The two scrubbing settings may not be enough 

7. Costway Electric Spin Mop 

This is a great one to handle all of the different types of cleaning surfaces. It is a multifunctional electric mop that has the features of wet and dry wiping, waxing, along with decontaminating.

With a nice water tank, you’ll be able to wet the ground with the spray nozzle evenly.

You can also put different cleaning solutions onto this as well. It’s got a very powerful spin system that allows it to spin inwardly or spin up to 250 RPM, leaving no dust or stains on the floor, and provides a cleaner home and look to your place.

You can continually use the map for 30-40 minutes after just a couple hours of charge. 

It is very easy and convenient, so if you want something that gets the job done, you simply press it to spray water, and then use the other one to turn this on or off, making it very easy and even convenient to operate, even for those who aren’t professionals.

It has LED lights, and it will help you make sure to clean every single corner. It’s an electric mop that is very light, so you can bring this to multiple floors, and the cordless electric mop is not restricted by distance, and it can be stored in the corner.

You can hit even the toughest angles with this, making it easier, especially when working to save some time and labor.

Again, this is another budget machine, but it is strong, and gets the job done. 


  • Is multifunctional 
  • Can handle different cleaning solutions 
  • Spins up to 250 RPM
  • Hits even the toughest angles with it 


  • Is a little bit of a budget machine, so won’t give you a deep cleaning 

8. Bissel Powerfrush Steam Mop 

Total square feet per hour: 3000 max 

This is another Bissel machine, but Bissel is one of the best in floor cleaning, and they have been for years.

The steam mop carries tradition by providing a wonderful product. It’s a steam mop, which means you don’t need to utilize chemicals or detergents for this, and through the use of steam power, you’ll get results.

 This is a great and cheap one, and it comes with control settings on the tank that allow you to choose how much steam you want for each mess you’re cleaning up, so if you’re trying to clean up even the tougher messes, you’ve got this.

There is even a scrubber within the mop that will flip down.

It also is extremely light, and will handle all of the issues that you need.

It does contain a cord, which is one of the downsides, but it can handle up to 23 feet of room, so it’s good for those businesses that have decently-sized rooms.

The best part is that there is even a fragrance disc that allows you to add good features for when you’’re scrubbing the floor. 


  • Is cheap 
  • Doesn’t use chemicals or detergents 
  • Handles small office spaces well 


  • It’s corded 
  • Only handles a few 23-foot rooms 

9. CleanMate CM3 floor Cleaner 

Total square feet in an hour: 1500-2000 

If your home or office has mostly hardwood floors, then consider a robot vacuum. they’ve come far especially since the original Roomba was announced, but this floor cleaning machine is one of the best.

It’s actually completely automated, meaning that once it’s complete, you don’t have to worry about anything. The bot will do everything for you.

 It’s alright for carpeted surfaces, but hardwood floors and other types of flooring are where it shines. It’s got different types of vacuums too in order to determine how much of this you need to clean.

This also has sensors to mark where obstacles are, and if you only want it to do one room, you can program it to do this.

It also will help you with cleaning the devices that you feel you need to clean, and it can transition from hardwood to carpeted floors too. 

The one downside to this is that robot vacuums are not good for those places that have multiple floors, and a full charge will clean for 80 minutes continuously.

Plus, when the battery runs out, it’ll head back to your its docking station to charge. 


  • It’s a robot vacuum, so you don’t have to run it 
  • It handles hardwood floors well 
  • Can determine obstacles easily 


  • Only runs for 80 minutes 
  • Can’t be used on stairs 
  • Isn’t as effective on carpeted floors 

10. Tornado EZ floor Scrubber 

Total floor space in an hour: up to 20,000 square feet

Now this is the most expensive one on our list, but if you want a comprehensive floor scrubber that has a built-in traction drive that reduces the fatigue of the user, this is for you.

It’s perfect for those who need a scrubber to take to multiple job sites.

It’s also got no lube points, and doesn’t require any maintenance, so it’s definitely got some amazing features here. 

It handles anything from linoleum, to rubberized flooring, to even concrete. The lid on the tank will also tell you, and you can get 200 RPM brush speed with this. It’s powerful, and it does the job quite well, that’s for sure. 

This is a good one if you have the space and money for this, but it does well in wider areas. Otherwise, it may not be ideal for your average place. 


  • No extra maintenance or lube points for upkeep 
  • Handles most flooring well 
  • Can get you a 200 RPM brush speed 
  • Is super powerful 


  • The price tag may be much 
  • Not good for small spaces

Leasing or Buying 

Choosing whether you rent or buy one of these is based on how much you use the machine, or how long you plan to keep it. 

On average, leasing can be anywhere from 700-800 dollars a month. If you’re going to be using this for a bit, then chances are this is good.

Renting on the other hand can be anywhere from 4000 dollars a month, and that’s on the cheaper end, but I you’re a contractor that only needs it for a month, you’ll want to consider renting. This also tends to have all of the wearable covered as well.

Now buying is anywhere from 3000 to 10,000in total, it really all depends on what you’re getting. Obviously, if you’re getting a smaller machine to handle an office, it’ll be markedly cheaper.

But, if you plan on using this for a long time, especially more than five years, get a machine.

Medical buildings and food places can’t bring machines that are operated in other locations due to the cross-contamination that can happen, so buying is an option.

Buyer’s Guide: What To Look For?

When choosing a floor cleaning machine, you need to look at a few things: what type of floor scrubber you want, what type of surface you’re working with, and how big it is. 

Typically, automatic floor scrubbers come with different types of brushes, and you need to know the best brush for the floor.

Those that are disc-shaped for example, are good for storage facilities or parking areas that typically have stains that are hard to remove. 

Most of the time though, a stiff brush is good for a concrete floor. Metallic brushes aren’t good for concrete surfaces, since the fibers can be left there.

If there is an uneven flooring surface, pick a scrubber that’s got a brush that’s cylindrical, and that means that you won’t need to sweep before you scrub, so it will shorten the time that you spend scrubbing the floors.

Intended Use Is Key When Selecting A Machine 

The best floor cleaning machine can be determined by the type of flooring you have.  

For hardwood floors, you want to use a light cleaner with cleaning solutions to clean this. Some steam mops are good, but you should always be careful, since too much water can ruin hardwood floors.

You can also use robot vacuums with these, since they’re gentle on hardwood floors.  

For tiled floors, you can get a steam mop, but also understand that you will need a swivel mop or a steam mop and a non-abrasive cleanser with it. 

You should also make sure that you don’t choose a cleaner that affects the grout. 

For concrete or linoleum floors, you want a ride-behind or walk-behind floor cleaning machine. 

You should make sure that this one can handle even the toughest stains as necessary. 

Different Types of Cleaners and Floor Scrubbers 

There are many different types of machines to choose from. These include the walk-behind scrubber, which is good for those who are willing to push it around, and it comes with a rechargeable battery, and is perfect for wider areas. 

There is also the ride-on scrubber, which is the riding version of the one previously discussed.

It allows you to ride on top, going towards all of the different floor spaces, and they work well in warehouses. 

You also have carpet cleaners, so these can help with cleaning high-quality carpets. If you properly care and maintain them, they’re great, but in some cases, they are an investment piece, and you should be careful with the agents used on these. 

If you’re working mostly with flooring, including hardwood floors, then a steam mop might be your best option.

These come in both corded and cordless forms, allowing for you to get the best results possible with your floor system.

They typically can also handle smaller corners and the like either, allowing for a deeper cleaning of the floor print itself. .

You should figure out what type of cleaning machine you need, and also focus on the general surface area that you’ll be cleaning, because this is what will in turn, affect your overall state of cleanliness of the place. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

How long should I wait before I go on the surface?

That depends. If it is a hardwood floor, give it up to 24 hours drying for it to cure properly, especially if you’re using a professional-grade machine 

Do I need to be strong to handle a cleaning machine? 

Not always. The walk behind floor scrubbers do require a bit more power and elbow grease, but on average, most of these weigh less than 20 pounds, so you can move them around easily. 

Should I use a Neutral cleaner on my Floors? 

Yes. You should try to use neutral cleaner as much as you can, because this will remove the damage without harming the finish. High-alkaline cleaners can damage the finish and leave a film on the floor, so try not to use it. 

Is it best to use hot water or cold water? 

Hot water will often soften up the finish, allowing for the dirt to penetrate the floor finish. Warm water, up to 100 degrees does both of these, and that’s what should be used for best results. 

Should I mix cleaners Together? 

Ideally no. mixing these together can harm the finish of your floors, but it also can be dangerous and hazardous, so never mix chemicals together period. 

What is the difference between cylindrical and disc scrubbing? 

Disc scrubbers tend to wash, strip wax, and they are usually easy to change, and are more aggressive.

These have cheaper pads, and they can handle scuff mark control as well. If there is too much wax on this, this can be thrown away. 

In contrast, cylindrical scrubbing will wet and sweep a small amount of the debris into a tray when you wash the floor.

You can eliminate the pre-sweeping of the factor with this one, and the truth is, both will, in turn, clean the floor, you just need to decide what you want from this. 

Third-party Cleaning Services 

For those with office, businesses, or industrial locations, those machine can help you save on 3rd party cleaning services. 

Floor cleaning machines