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When it comes to site optimization, some ideas never die. Evergreen ideas will guarantee you results in the long run. They don’t need regular updates, as they can be applied anytime and by any type of e-commerce site. These implementations can boost your profit and increase the number of conversions.

If you want to climb above your competition and punch above your weight, then consider the best evergreen ideas for optimizing an e-commerce website.

1. Display stock and size scarcity

These practices can be used in combination together to ensure that users will buy your items. Also, it makes them realize that your stock is becoming limited, which will affect a quicker decision making. 

So your potential customer will buy your product and will not leave it in the cart. The high cart abandonment rate is the biggest nightmare in e-commerce, so it is crucial to investigate the cause of it. 

Heatmaps (click heatmap, scroll heatmap, segment heatmap), session replays and other useful website analytics tools can help you with that. This is a good practice to boost your conversion funnel and generate high profit in the short-term and also results in plenty of new customers as well.

2. Design and User Experience 

Sometimes it is great to have a lot of information on your website so users can learn something new. Yet too much content, options, and information can make your visitors lost and cause them to lose their bearings while browsing through your website. 

For this reason, you should make the user experience smooth and focused on key ideas that users can find and understand. Too many options and information are killing your conversion rate and can turn off new potential customers. (Source)

Design and UX Tips for e-commerce websites

Develop the load time of your website

Google is searching for a sub-1-second page load, so you need to reduce redirects, the number of plugins, image sizes, and external scripts. Prioritize above-the-fold content, use external hosting platforms and CDN.

Quality over quantity is a basic principle in CRO

Have one clear and understandable Call-To-Action button on a landing page.

Navigation is key

If your visitors can’t find your product, they won’t buy them and you’re missing out on a great number of potential customers. To avoid this use meaningful labels, list and re-list subcategories, make top-level navigation clickable and tappable, follow design conventions, always include search options and last but not least offer content.

3. Provide plenty of data-driven resources

data-driven resourcesLots of people tend to verify their purchases from data and statistics. This is why you should try to include as many data-driven facts, articles, infographics, and statistics (charts, tables, maps) for your users to see and convince them to buy your products through those. 

This information will help them see the real value of your products through data and it will make them more convinced to go on and buy them. Using positive statistics will let the users see how your products might enhance their life in some way.(Source)

Also, data-driven user experience is another key component of an optimized e-commerce website. Data is essential for a successful design and you should be aware of this, regardless of being a designer or someone who wants to hire one.

Optimize your content for search engines


The importance of having optimized content for search engines cannot be stressed enough. You need your site to be found in the sea of other similar websites. Although you might have already thought about it, make sure that you do this for all your content.(Source)

SEO tips for e-commerce websites 

  • Look after off-site optimization with natural backlinks on the right anchor texts with your relevant keywords (however, avoid keyword stuffing please).
  • Also, avoid duplicate content. You can achieve that even if you stick to your topic/product, just make sure you present it from a different perspective.
  • Use canonical URLs to help search engines find your preferred product page, you can do this with a “rel=canonical” tag on the page or by a number of other methods

SEO optimized content will make it easier for search engines to find you, which will lead to an increase in your traffic.

5. Provide positive reviews and success stories using your products

This can be used as an anchor for the users and viewers to relate to your products. This effect is created by putting real reviews about the products in a visible place. Also feature success stories from people who used your products.

This way you can convince visitors and convert them into customers. It is an effective way to boost your conversion rates and make it easy to gain new users.

6. Use a good email marketing strategy to boost your conversions

This method is focusing on converting your existing customers, but also to attract new ones. The idea of this tactic is to keep the users engaged, make them aware of your business and keep them around. (Source)

You might be emailing your customers to send promotions, share articles, tips, and tricks or some content to make sure that they do not forget you. It is a good strategy for increasing conversions, however, make sure that your emails are worth their time so they do not end up in the spam or junk folders. 

Another thing to keep in mind is to include one CTA option in emails. It should be seen well and promoted in a pleasant way.

7. Provide instructions for your products

Depending on the content you are selling, it might be a good idea to provide some guidelines on how to use your products. This strategy will not only let you teach your users how to use your products but make them familiarized with them. (Source)

It will also allow you to insert some of the keywords for SEO optimization to boost your site’s rank in search engines.

Use high-quality images

People are visual creatures – they focus a lot on the visual side of things, and providing good pictures to go along with your products has several advantages. Try not to use stock photos – at least rarely, because visitors desire to see the actual product.

It is also important to provide high-quality pictures. It is hard to decide to buy some products if you only see a blurry image or no picture at all. Images are important for your site and make your customers more interested.

Use social media to promote your products

The idea behind this tactic is to reach as many users as possible. Social media and its advertisement opportunities are nowadays often at the center of marketing strategies at many companies. 

It is not only good for marketing purposes but also allows you to contact and reach users easily and increase your popularity among them. Also, make sure to use a mixture of social media to reach all your potential users.(Source

Provide size charts if necessary

This is relevant for the content of your site where you have items where size is important. Products like clothes, bags, accessories, shoes. You want your users to actually see all the information about the products and also make sure that they buy the right size.(Source)

You don’t want users to browse through other sites to find the sizes of your products when you can provide them that information. This will let you keep them on your site and also allow them to get valuable information that is useful when buying things. 


So these are the 10 evergreen ideas for optimizing e-commerce websites. You can use them immediately and try to implement them over time. These are some of the ideas that will never get old, and they will remain relevant in the long run as well.

So these are some of the best tips to optimize your site. We hope that you have learned new things and that these ideas will help you with the optimization of your website to boost your sales and enhance your business.

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